Re-Visioning Two Harbors

Microsoft Word - Re-Visioning poster 12-9-14.docxRe-visioning Two Harbors is a community forum to gather input from all of you for ideas and concepts to improve the economic, social, and cultural status of the City through the arts.  Two Harbors has much to offer in terms of location, natural beauty, and history.  Come share your ideas of how we as a community can make the City a better place for us all.
Would you like classes, workshops, festivals, juried art shows?  Come with your ideas.  Let’s make Two Harbors the place on the North Shore “Where Art Happens!”

Results from February Community Forums:

A lively discussion resulted in eight main areas of focus:  coordination & cooperation among artists, arts organizations, local businesses, and the City and County government; a community calendar; year-round festivals; a festival “park” partnering with existing downtown businesses and churches; using vacant storefronts for Phantom Galleries; artist residencies in the schools with a community workshop/performance included; a community space to “do art;” community artists teaching monthly art workshops that are free or have a small charge; and researching other small communities that have active arts programs for us to model.