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Why DRUM SUPERIOR Recreational Drumming?

7 Evidence-based benefits

Stress Reduction
HealthRHYTHMS (Group Empowerment Drumming) strengthened the immune system by increasing Natural Killer (NK) cell activity. (Bittman, Alternative Therapies, 2001) Another study showed this protocol reversed multiple components of the human stress response on the genomic level, not just reducing but reversing 19 genetic switches that turn on the stress response believed responsible in the development of common diseases. (Bittman, Medical Science Monitor, 2005)

Drumming is an accessible exercise that burns calories, improves mood, and may reduce the risk of disease. A Norwegian study of 25,000 women age 20-54 who performed leisure time exercises at least 4 hours/week experienced a 37% reduction in the risk of breast cancer. (Thune, Brenn, Lund, Gaard, 1997)

HealthRHYTHMS is a “percussion discussion” that empowers people to communicate through rhythm and music.

A 1992 Duke University Study linked lengthened lifespan with having a close confidant. HealthRHYTHMS protocol builds camaraderie and support by creating a safe space where people feel comfortable sharing and offering support.  Drumming builds relationships.

Nurturing Growth
HealthRHYTHMS protocol creates a level playing field where support of growth and development is encouraged. As equal partners in this process, participants often discover inner strength and encouragement by sharing the experience of drumming together.

According to Jan Gregory, Adjunct Professor of Liturgy, Worship and Spirituality at Hartford Seminary, “Hand drumming is an ancient art that has been used in many cultures . . . an opportunity to experience worship with our bodies as well as our minds”.

Music-Making enhances brain function
Systematic inquiry into the relationship between music and brain function is one of the most rapidly developing fields of human research. “Music making offers extensive exercise for brain cells and their synapses (connections). It would be difficult to find another activity that engages so many of the brain’s systems.” (Weinberger, N., 1998)

Find more info on these evidence-based benefits at the HealthRHYTHMS website:

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